Pete Buttigieg just casually brushed off the fact that millions of Americans would lose their preferred insurance under a system exclusively run by the government, as we’ve seen under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Even though the Democratic candidates have differing views on the direction of healthcare, they all want the government to take up a bigger role.

Buttigieg’s response to the fact that 180 million Americans could lose their preferred health insurance plans because of Medicare for All:

“To be honest. I don’t care.”

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Far-left candidates Bernie Sanders (see below) and Elizabeth Warren (see below) have already said that they would completely destroy the private insurance market with a Medicare for All system.


Bernie Sanders Breaks The News That “Medicare for All” Won’t Be Free:

Jake Tapper asked Bernie Sanders about whether ‘Medicare for all’ will be free or will the middle class be taxed.

Sanders stuttered a little and then said under his breath that taxes will be necessary: “We’ll have to do that.”

Noooo! Didn’t they tell everyone it would be FREE?

Yes, taxes will go up in order for everyone to have Medicare for all so money doesn’t grow on trees.

While Democrats want the voters to think that they will magically receive free healthcare or college, the reality is that none of these things will be free to Americans. It’s hard to believe that there really are people who believe what Sanders is telling them.


MSNBC Slams Liz Warren’s Medicare for All Plan: “Why the lurch to the left?”

An MSNBC Morning Joe panel ripped apart 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s government takeover of health care pointing to the fact that the numbers just don’t work.

“Why the lurch to the left?”

Joe Scarborough said this is the worst political idea he’s ever heard. If he’s against Warren then he’s certainly against Bernie. So there’s JoeBiden who will be propped up by the media and the establishment Democrats to win the nomination.

Even Steve Rattner spelled out the idiocy of this plan but there is a mention of Biden that clues you in on who these people are pushing forward…Biden.

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