“Hunter Biden has enriched himself, and I would argue has enriched the broader family, by virtue of the fact that his father was in positions of power.” – Peter Schweizer

Investigative reporter Peter Schweizer was interviewed by The Federalist’s Emily Jashinsky and let loose on Hunter Biden’s corrupt deals with foreign entities and how the Biden family profited. Schweizer has looked into the deals made and who was involved in the numerous Biden deals with foreign countries like China. In fact, China is a huge player in the Biden grifting. To say that the Biden family and Joe Biden are compromised is the understatement of the year.

Listen to the unbelievable interview where Schweizer discusses Biden corruption including money laundering by Hunter Biden:

“How much more is somebody going to have in terms of influence and leverage if they didn’t contribute to get somebody elected, but they made the politician’s family rich? I would argue, they’re going to have far, far, far more leverage, especially if we’re not talking about a domestic industry.”

Schweizer was also on Mark Levin tonight, where he also called out the Bidens:


Schweizer hit the nail on the head in September  when he told Laura Ingraham:

“The underlying story here involves Hunter Biden going around the world really collecting large payments from foreign governments and foreign oligarchs in the case of Ukraine.”


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