Billionaire investor Peter Thiel, who co-founded Paypal and was one of the first investors in Facebook appeared on the Tucker Carlson show last night to discuss how he believes Google, the world’s most powerful company, has become a threat to America’s national security. Thiel told a group of people at the National Conservatism Conference two days ago, Thiel warned that Google may have been infiltrated by Chinese intelligence and should be subject to immediate investigation by the FBI and CIA.

According to Summit News –  Thiel claims one reason for Google aiding in the transfer of AI technology to the Chinese military in favor of America is that “woke” Google employees are anti-American and prefer China to the U.S.

Thiel appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show following his call on Sunday for Google to be federally investigated for allowing itself to be infiltrated by the Chinese and the “treasonous decision” to hand them secretive technology.

Peter Thiel says Google employees are aiding the Chinese military in the transfer of advanced technology because of their progressive politics.


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President Trump tweeted about the comments Thiel made about the need for Google to be investigated or treason over their work with the Chinese government, saying the “Trump Administration will take a look!”  In his tweet, President Trump calls Thiel, a “brilliant guy who knows the subject better than anyone.”

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