Ding ding ding, there goes Peter ringing his bell on the hypothetical corner begging for tips as he does little tricks. Peter Strzok, recently fired, has now allegedly created a Twitter account posted a response to being fired, and also has a GoFundMe page asking for $150,000. Is this something you’d expect from the controversially known former deputy chief of counterintelligence? Would someone who seemed to be so far deep in anti-Trumpism (and possibly Lisa Page) be likely to jump on Twitter and start a GoFundMe asking for $150,000?

Peter Strzok, if this is actually him, posted a response to his firing. He was being investigated for anti-Trump messages that were exchanged with Lisa Page, the woman he allegedly had an affair with. Those messages were sent via text. Lisa Page is a former FBI lawyer. A report by the Daily Caller suggests that Strzok’s attorney confirmed this account is his. I would wait for the blue verified checkmark just to be sure. Until that arrives, be skeptical. Regardless, the post was made and is now circulating the web. The GoFundMe has over $40,000 at the time of writing this story.

The Twitter post that’s believed to be by Peter Strzok can be seen here, but I also took a screenshot of it, just in case it gets deleted. Screenshots are important because sometimes things like these are deleted, then we don’t always have any evidence left.

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Christina Laila from The Gateway Pundit dug a bit deeper on the account, investigating it for more information. She stated: “Peter Strzok’s Twitter account was created August 3rd, 2018 and at the time of this publication, only one tweet has been posted.

Strzok has however, ‘liked’ 14 tweets, including tweets from Rosie O’Donnell and other Trump-hating pundits.

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One of the tweets Peter Strzok ‘liked’ was from American actor Mark Hamill attacking President Trump as an “illegitimate president,” with a Russian flag emoji to insinuate Trump is a puppet of the Russian government.

Mark Hamill tweeted: As complicit treason-weasels in #GOP continue to demagogue our justice system for “another victory notch in Putin’s belt & another milestone in our enemies’ campaign to tear America apart”-the UK welcomes our illegitimate “President”???????? to their country.????????”

Is this really Strzok or someone posing as him? Since his attorney claims it’s true, then the anti-Trump activity on Twitter just adds to the grounds for the case made against Strzok for being anti-Trump and doesn’t bode well in his favor with Trump supporters. However, it makes you wonder who’s donating all that money this fast and it must be the anti-Trumpers.

Daily Caller reported what Strzok stated, and more: “It has been an honor to serve my country and work with the fine men and women of the FBI,” Strzok wrote, linking to a Go Fund Me page that has been set up to raise money on his behalf.

Jennifer Kay, a spokeswoman for Strzok’s attorney, confirmed the authenticity of the account.

Strzok’s lawyer, Aitan Goelman, said in a statement that the FBI’s deputy director decided to fire Strzok despite a recommendation from the bureau’s personnel division that he be suspended for 60 days and demoted.

The FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility investigated Strzok over anti-Trump text messages he sent while working on the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government.

Strzok led that investigation, nicknamed Crossfire Hurricane, since its inception on July 31, 2016. He joined the special counsel’s investigation in May 2017 but was let go after the discovery of his text messages.”

Keep an eye on this Twitter account and GoFundMe page. There’s a good chance something else might pop up and you’ll want to see it first.

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