Embattled California governor, Gavin Newsom recently banned combustion engines in California by 2035.  Now, a famous Bay Area city, Petaluma is seeking to up the ante by banning all new petroleum pumps in their city and targeting 0-emissions by 2030.

SF Gate Reports:

“There are currently 15 gas stations in Petaluma, and city officials have decided that the small North Bay city doesn’t need any more.

The ban — after a unanimous city council vote this week — makes the Sonoma County city the first in the nation to halt the construction of new gas stations.

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The city is also targeting zero emissions by 2030, and encouraging current fossil fuel gas stations to transition to battery and hydrogen cell stations. Existing gas stations will not be allowed to add more pumps, though they can instead add more infrastructure for electric vehicles.

“Within Petaluma there are multiple gas stations located within a 5-minute drive of every existing residence,” the resolution states. “Therefore, there are adequate gas stations to serve existing and future internal combustion vehicles to the extent as they continue to exist.””

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Fundamentalist Environmentalist evangelicals agree with Petaluma’s decision:

“Environmental nonprofit Stand.earth, which supported the campaign, hopes the move will encourage similar rulings across the state.

“There’s no need for new fossil fuel infrastructure, from gas stations to pipelines to refineries,” Matt Krogh, campaign director at Stand.earth, told Gizmodo. “In California in particular, where state climate targets are required by law, new gas stations will have a short shelf life, and could be abandoned before they make enough money to pay for their own shut down and clean up. This gas station ban is a common sense step to not get further bogged down by fossil fuel infrastructure.””

Do these politicians care that car and energy prices are skyrocketing due to the engineering and manufacturing and materials costs necessary for these complex updates to vehicle and energy technology?  Do they care that it makes us almost entirely dependent on China for the rare earth materials found there that are necessary to create the toxic batteries that are nearly impossible to safely dispose of?  Do they care about all the extra carbon emiissions necessary to produce electric vehicles?  Do they know about all of the coal that will be necessary to create energy at electric plants to give power to these vehicles?  Do they understand the unknowable trillions of dollars necessary to increase those coal supplies as electricity use skyrockets when everyone is forced into electric vehicles?

Many do and many do not.

And, many of them want prices to rise so that average people can’t afford a vehicle and have to rent it.  This is part of the Great Reset Plan which states that every normal person will “own nothing and be happy.”  

The elites creating all these rules, on the other hand, will own everything and tell you to be happy.

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