Are you a young kid who wants to be a superhero?

It’s easy…all you have to do is stick out your arm and allow a stranger to inject something into your body from a syringe that your parents tell you is “safe.”

How do your parents know it’s safe? Because Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci, the guy who heads up the government organization that reportedly helped to fund the COVID pandemic, says it is.

Go ahead kids–join the vaccine trial—take the Pfizer COVID jab—it’s good for you–and it’s good for Pfizer executives who like big boats and big, fancy houses.

The Gateway Pundit shared a Pfizer propaganda piece targeting young children, aka guinea pigs, who use words like “courage” to describe kids whose parents convince them to risk their health and possibly their lives to test a vaccine to be used against a virus that has a .025 mortality rate for young kids.


What have you got to lose?


In mid-July, Stephanie De Garay of Ohio testified before Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) about her 12-year-old daughter who became gravely ill after she had extreme reactions and nearly died after volunteering for the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine trial. 

Fox News– “The only diagnosis we’ve gotten for her is that it’s conversion disorder or functional neurologic symptom disorder, and they are blaming it on anxiety,” De Garay told Tucker Carlson. “Ironically, she did not have anxiety before the vaccine.”

De Garay explained that after receiving the second coronavirus vaccine dose, her daughter started developing severe abdominal and chest pains. Maddie described the severity of the pain to her mother as “it feels like my heart is being ripped out through my neck.”

The Ohio mother added her daughter experienced additional symptoms that included gastroparesis, nausea, vomiting, erratic blood pressure, heart rate, and memory loss.

“She still cannot digest food. She has a…tube to get her nutrition,” De Garay said to Carlson. “She also couldn’t walk at one point, then she could…I don’t understand why and [physicians] are not looking into why…now she’s back in a wheelchair and she can’t hold her neck up. Her neck pulls back.”


Stephanie appeared on the Tucker Carlson show where she was asked by Tucker if any officials from the Biden administration or representatives from Pfizer company have reached out to the family?

“No, they have not,” she answered.

Yep…go ahead kids—instead of raking leaves for your elderly neighbor or reading to a younger sibling, get an injection—redefine superhero and get the COVID jab.

Trust the science…😉

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