Rock star Phil Collins’s ex-wife is accused of battering her 10-year-old son

Orianne Cevey, the ex-wife to Genesis rocker Phil Collins, is being accused of battering and punching her youngest son, 10, in an emergency protection order filed by the son’s father.

Orianne Cevey

From Page Six:

Cevey’s 10-year-old son by her second husband Charles Mejjati has moved in with his dad as conditions at his mother’s were “toxic, causing emotional and mental instability for him,” according to court records filed by Mejjati on behalf of the child.

The boy was moved out of Cevey’s Miami residence after Mejjati was granted a temporary injunction for “protection against domestic violence” in January, while Cevey, 48, is also under investigation by the Child Protective Investigative unit of Florida’s Department of Children and Families, according to Mejjati’s court papers.

Cevey’s second ex-husband, Mejjati, claims in his request that Cevey “has committed acts of domestic violence against the minor child including, but not limited to, punching the child in the back of the head and causing the child to fall thus giving the child a concussion and hematoma.”

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Cevey also allegedly threatened the son, saying she is going to “break his face” and calling him “a liar” when the child’s school called to address the home environment.

It is alleged that Cevey has a long history of battering the child, with numerous incidents including punching, slapping, tripping, and pushing her son, causing him substantial physical and emotional harm.

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Cevey’s nanny for her son, it appears, was also allegedly playing defense for her after one altercation.

“The child ran outside to call the police, and dialed 911. The Nanny … grabbed him by the back of his shirt while choking the child. The child ran outside of the home in order to escape the home and the violence.”

Finally, the report claims that the child was exposed to “very graphic and explicit sexual behaviors,” having witnessed Cevey and her third husband engaging in sexual activity on numerous occasions.

This is not a healthy

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