A shocking video surfaced on Twitter last week, showing a group of Philadelphia police officers dragging a man off of a bus. What did he do so wrong to be aggressively pulled off of a bus? It turns out; he wasn’t wearing a mask on the city bus.

It’s no surprise that the video went viral with people voicing their shock at four officers pulling a passenger off of a bus as he repeatedly cursed. Many wondered, “Is this still America?”

There was such an outcry that Philadelphia’s transit authority has revoked the policy requiring face coverings to ride the bus.

The video of the passenger being pulled off of the bus is below and is still hard to believe:

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA) released a statement saying the “policy will no longer be enforced.”

“While SEPTA urges riders to cover their faces, those who refuse will not be barred entry to the system.” 

The Philadelphia Police Department released a statement describing the incident with the man who wasn’t wearing a face-covering: “PPD Officers arrived on location, and after being made aware of the driver’s request, also ordered the male to leave the bus several times. The male again refused, at which point he was physically removed by the officers.”

There is an investigation into the incident.

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