On Wednesday, NFL offensive lineman Josh Sills was indicted on rape and kidnapping charges for an incident that allegedly happened in December 2019. Sills plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, who will be competing in the Super Bowl in just 10 days.

Josh Sills, 25

In 2019, Ohio prosecutors said that Sills, 25, “forcibly restrained and raped a woman,” leading the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office to launch an investigation. Based on the evidence collected in the investigation, a grand jury indicted Sills on one felony count of rape and one felony count of kidnapping.

On the first count, a jury determined that Sills “did engage in sexual conduct” with the victim, referred to only as M.M., and that he “purposely compelled her to submit to force or threat of force.”

On the second count, the jury found that Sills “did, by force, threat, or deception, remove M.M. from the place where she was found or restrain the liberty of her for the purpose of facilitating the commission of a felony.”

The Attorney General released a statement saying that the 6’6″, 325-pound athlete “engaged in sexual activity that was not consensual and held a victim against her will.”

“The crime was immediately reported, and the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office conducted a detailed investigation,” continued the Attorney General. “The case was presented to the grand jury and is being prosecuted by the Special Prosecutions Section of the Attorney General’s Office.”

The Eagles organization released a statement about the situation, confirming that they are “aware of the legal matter,” and said, “We have been in communication with the league office and are in the process of gathering more information. We have no further comment at this time,” He added.

Sills is expected to appear in court on February 16, just four days after the Super Bowl.

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