A public elementary school in the city of Philadelphia has managed to tick off a whole bunch of people in the local community by posting up anti-GOP and anti-NRA signs near the front doors of the facility.

The signs were made by students and feature slogans such as: “NRA-Go Away, GOP – ENOUGH BS,” “Protect Kids, Not Guns,” and “Stop the NRA.”

Fox News Insider has more details:

Republican strategist Erin Elmore lives near Albert M. Greenfield School, and after seeing the signs, she sent the school a right to know request.

“You want to know: When were these signs made? What resources were used? Did you consult with any outside political groups?” Elmore said, noting that she got no response from the school.

A school district spokesperson issued a statement after “Fox & Friends” reached out: “We support students’ rights to self-expression as long as that expression does not disrupt an orderly school environment, and these signs are not in violation of School District of Philadelphia policy.”

If you still don’t think your kids are currently being indoctrinated by attending local public schools, you’re sorely mistaken. This is the logical end result of allowing the federal government to play any sort of significant role in educating future generations of Americans.

It’s about brainwashing them with liberalism, not equipping them with skills and knowledge they need to make it as well adjusted adults.

It’s well past time for American parents to fight back and work to strip the federal government of power in this area and restore it to local communities.

That’s the only way to end this mess.

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