President Trump spoke to a huge and enthusiastic crowd tonight in Phoenix, AZ. It wouldn’t be Donald J. Trump if he didn’t call out our dishonest and very fake news media. Trump told the crowd, “Media doesn’t want to report that I spoke out against violence and bigotry” in reference to his comments following the horrible clashes in Charlottesville, VA, where in the aftermath, Trump blamed both sides. The media quickly condemned him and tried to twist his words to make it appear as though he refused to condemn the KKK, simply because he wasn’t willing to let the violent George Soros, anti-American group Antifa or the violent domestic terror group, Black Lives Matter off the hook for their part in the violent conflict.

Trump went after the media for pushing a false narrative and assisting the Democrat Party to divide our nation.

It wouldn’t be a Trump rally if the crowd didn’t call out the fake media by chanting, “CNN sucks!”

The best part came when President Trump called out the radical, George Soros supported hate group, Antifa. 

Here’s a great photo of the violent group Antifa at the Phoenix rally:

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