Kyle Mccallie posted a sign he saw on a billboard by the side of the road six miles east of Vega, just outside of Amarillo, TX.

Apparently, a lot of people like the Texas billboard, as Mccallie’s Facebook post currently has over 21,000 shares.

“Liberals,” the billboard reads. “Please continue on I-40 until you have left our GREAT STATE OF TEXAS.”

According to USA Today, the photo of the billboard shows a logo for “Burkett” below the content of the sign. A spokesperson for Burkett Media of Austin, Texas said that company is unaffiliated with the content on the billboard.

It’s actually pretty odd to see anti-liberal messages around.  Most often, we are bombarded with leftist propaganda and authoritarian brainwashing to accept a wholly tyrannical state.

Mccallie said he is supportive of the sign’s message which asks liberals to leave Texas. He said he doesn’t know who’s behind the billboard, which he said is located about an hour’s drive from his hometown.  However, not everyone agrees that the message is humorous or in good taste.  On social media, many have reacted negatively to the sign’s message. Mccallie said he has received numerous messages critical of both himself and the billboard, many of which have been overly obscene. –Zero Hedge


The Texas sign is the second anti-liberal sign in the past 60 days to go viral on social media. Are Americans getting sick and tired of watching liberals spew hate against our President and anyone who doesn’t’ agree with them?

The billboard below was found by the side of the road in the liberal state of Maryland. After it was posted on Twitter, the image went viral on social media.

The billboard warned liberals about trying to impeach President Trump:

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