A photographer who took photos of GOP paperwork while the impeachment hearing was on break has been removed from the impeachment hearing.

Reuter’s photographer Josh Roberts was tossed from the hearing after he was caught on CNN’s live feed (see below), taking photos of different paperwork left on the desks of the Republican Congressmen during a break in the hearing.

Rep. Matt Gaetz announced (see video below) that the photographer had been removed from the hearing:

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Devin Nunes tweeted out a video of two reporters taking pictures of impeachment notes by Republicans. Rep. Debbie Lasko (see below) was alarmed by this and said she would have her staff look into it.

Nunes said in his tweet that this is “media spy games”:

Whoever this is, regardless of their party affiliation, should lose their press pass and be banned from the capitol building.

Rep. Debbie Lasko tweeted back to the comment and video saying that was her seat:

“Hey, that looks like my seat! I was told they were kicked out. Good thing I covered up my important notes. Congresswoman Debbie Lesko”

Rep. Lasko then said she would have her staff look into it:


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