Barack Obama said he was going to “scale back” his 500-person birthday party but from exclusive photos via Daily Mail, it’s not looking very scaled back at all.

Obama caused a stir when news of his planned 60th birthday party came out about the time the CDC and Biden started to ramp up the covid restrictions. People called for Obama to cancel the party because it could become a superspreader event. The solution was to put out a press release saying the party would be “scaled back” but it sure doesn’t look like that’s the case. Once a liar, always a liar.

This huge tent is set up on the Martha’s Vineyard property with long tables set up for guests:

Daily Mail got closer and took photos of the workers who are not wearings masks.

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The sides of the tent were closed by the workers when they saw they were being photographed.

Daily Mail reports that Oprah, Jay Z and Beyonce, Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union along with many other celebrities are already on the island. Obama’s version of “close friends”…


“Friends and close family”?

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