A high school physical education teacher in southern Illinois has been suspended for refusing to let a female student change her clothes in the boys’ locker room.

Cody Hiller, a father to six children, had taught physical education at West Frankfort High School in Illinois for 14 years. Last week, a 14 or 15-year-old female student entered the boys’ locker room to undress and change into her gym clothes. Meanwhile, the male students were also in the locker room trying to change for their class.

Hiller, as a Christian man, reported this to the school’s administration and said he “could not stand for that.”

“I’ve got morals, I’ve got beliefs, I’ve got a line, and that – I wasn’t going to allow that to happen while I was there at school,” Hiller said to Lindell TV’s Brannon Howse in an interview.

Howse then explained that the school cited Illinois’ transgender law that allows anyone to change where they want, regardless of biological gender/expression.


Hiller said that the administration asked him if he was going to stick to his position on the issue, and he confirmed that he was. “At that point, I was placed on administrative leave,” said Hiller.

Hiller now awaits a disciplinary hearing to see if he will be able to keep his job at the school or if he will be removed from their staff.

A parent from West Frankfort High School sent a letter to Frank Speech that details the locker room incident in which her son was involved.

On Monday the girl was sent into the boys’ locker room without any warning to the boys.  Joseph (a student) saw her and left the area saying I’m not changing with a girl in here it’s not right. I spoke with the school and the superintendent’s office and they said there is nothing they can do. Today he went Into the locker room and the girl was in there he told her from across the room you should not be in here and you are not a boy.  Another boy got up and shoved and cussed at Joseph.   Another student came in and broke things up.  No punches were thrown.  Joseph is on the scholar bowl, Beta Club, National Honor Society, youth and government, band, the wrestling team, is at the top of his class, and was chosen and won of the senior of the month by the faculty. Joseph has no absences this year and a GPA for this quarter of 5.51 on a 5 point scale.  Joseph was taken directly to ACR while the other kid who put his hands on him was not.  I was called by the school and told the situation.

At this point, I was not happy with what was going on and my wife went to the school and signed him out. I called Donkin to discuss the situation and after 33 minutes of conversation, nothing was resolved. I asked him how it was legal to have an 18-year old boy with his wiener out in front of a 14-year old girl?   And was told it was OK because it was a locker room and people are expected to be in various stages of undress. If your 14-year-old daughter (a minor in the eyes of the law) is changing in her bra and an 18 yr old boy (an adult) walks into the locker room with no warning and drops his pants in front of her, exposing his penis, she is not expected to say anything and if she does she will recieve ACR as punishment for discrimination.

Evidently, this administration does not care about your children’s safety and will not stand up for what is right. To send a minor girl into a boys’ locker room without warning and expect none of them to say anything not even out of shock for the situation is completely unreasonable.  I was told that they didn’t give the kids a heads up this was happening or give them an alternative to avoid the situation before they sent her in because they didn’t want to discriminate against her and bring attention to her. But instead, they just expect to send her into a locker room with no response. and when a perfectly reasonable response happened my son gets ACR (discipline).  Meanwhile, the boy who I’ve told has been in several fights was not punished until my wife came to the school and made a comment as to where the other boy was.

Your sons and daughters are not safe in the locker rooms at their own high school. All it would take is one wrong look or someone with a grudge against another and they could be in the middle of sexual harassment case.  Or worse, if one is an adult and the other is a minor you could be listed as a registered sex offender.

Why would we set our children up for this danger and exposure?  I am hoping that I am not the only one heartbroken by this situation or the only one thankful for the Teacher who was willing to stand up for the safety of our children even though it may cost him his job.  He is a good man in my book, and evidently in our school system that is a bad thing.  What is right has become wrong and your kids are paying the price.  Joseph is expected to serve his punishment and was told because of his ACR (discipline) he would be kicked out of the BETA Club.  And Joseph is expected to change the rest of the year in an alternative space for Phys Ed.

I am asking everyone who does not want your children exposed to please come to the school board meeting tomorrow night at 6 and voice your concerns. Please pass this on to anyone you feel will stand up for the safety of our children.

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