So what’s worse, Barack Obama remaining silent about the slaughter of innocent cops, while meeting behind closed doors in the White House with Black Lives Matter leaders advocating for violence against innocent cops, or President Trump making a joke about cops being tougher on criminals who kill innocent people? Does anyone remember Al Sharpton leading a hateful chant: “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” in a pro-violence against cops rally in the city of New York? Does anyone remember then President Barack Obama denouncing this hateful rhetoric against innocent law enforcement officers?

Shortly after these protests, 2 New York City cops were killed in cold blood by a black lives matter supporter. Donald Trump, who was not yet a candidate for president, spoke out on the culpability of Al Sharpton, who is a close friend of former President Barack Obama for the murders of these innocent cops:

President Trump didn’t make any secret of the fact that he was pro-police while he was running for office. He also didn’t make any secret of the fact that he believed Al Sharpton was doing what he was doing to racially divide our nation.

President Trump made a joke while speaking to law enforcement officers that was portrayed in the media as an endorsement of police brutality.

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Meanwhile, the heartbreaking picture of slain Indiana cop Lt. Aaron Allen walking his young son to the bus on the day he was murdered by one of the  victims in a car crash he was responding to, has appeared on several social media sited. You will be hard pressed to find it in the media however, because it doesn’t fit their liberal, anti-cop narrative.

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Daily Caller – While speaking about violent gang-members in a speech to law enforcement officers that focused on MS-13, Trump said officers shouldn’t be “too nice” when putting violent criminals in the “paddy wagon.”

He added: “Like when you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head, you know, the way you put the hand over. Like, don’t hit their head and they’ve just killed somebody, don’t hit their head. I said, ‘You can take the hand away, OK.’

Trump’s comment was clearly a joke and, as liberal website Slate pointed out, resembled a famous Jerry Seinfeld joke on the same topic.

Liberal journalists said the joke was an open endorsement of police brutality.

Here’s the clip of Trump making a joke to the law enforcement officers:

“TRUMP ENDORSES POLICE BRUTALITY,” blared HuffPost’s front page, featuring a story titled: “Donald Trump Endorses Police Brutality In Speech To Cops.”

Other outlets took a similar tone. “Trump promotes police brutality in speech to cops,” reported The Daily Dot. “Trump praises police violence to audience of laughing cops,” left-wing ThinkProgress reported.

“Trump endorsed police brutality in a speech to law enforcement while officers laughed and cheered,” claimed Huffington Post editor Emma Gray. “In a country that already has a pretty pervasive problem with police brutality, Trump endorses their behavior,” wrote HuffPo editor Phillip Lewis.

“Trump just called for cops to rough up suspects more in front of a crowd of cops, they cheered,” claimed Daily Beast writer Colin Jones.

“President Trump is openly and explicitly calling for, to wild applause just moments ago, cops to commit more police brutality,” claimed Daily Beast writer Asawin Suebsaeng.

“This is vile, and shame on every officer who cheered and whooped,” said liberal MSNBC host Chris Hayes. MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin claimed the video showed Trump suggesting that “it’s OK for police to rough up the people that they arrest.”

“President Trump spent his Friday afternoon publicly praising police brutality,” claimed left-wing news outlet NowThis.

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro was quick to push back against claims that Trump was endorsing police brutality.

“This is all exaggeration. Is it appropriate for Trump to encourage police not to be “too nice” to suspects? Not really. But it’s not police brutality to refrain from putting your hand on the head of a suspect to prevent them from bumping it on a car door. It’s police brutality if you slam their head into the car door,” Shapiro wrote.



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