Who hasn’t seen his commercials over and over and over for ‘My Pillow”…Mike Lindell just promised to send 60,000 pillows to Houston for help with Hurricane recovery in shelters.

Who couldn’t use a ‘My Pillow’ to help them sleep?

This is just one in so many examples of wonderful Americans who are giving of their time, effort and money.

WCCO Minneapolis reported:

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Six trucks full of 60,000 pillows from MyPillow will soon be heading to shelters and rescue organizations in the Houston area.

Founder Mike Lindell says he and his employees just want to help any way they can.

“Everyone affected down there, I just want to get them help, a little bit, a little bit of relief…some good sleep,” Lindell said. “Sleep is so important, and a lot of them are in shelters right now and displaced.”

Lindell is heading down to Houston to hand out the pillows alongside his employees.


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