Democrats in Colorado and elsewhere infiltrate Republican primaries to stop America first candidates

Democrat voters in Representative Lauren Boebert’s Colorado district and other locations across the country have begun to change their voter registrations to either unaffiliated or, in some instances, Republican. Why?  To influence Republican primaries.

By registering in such ways, Democrats gain access to Republican primaries where they can vote against America first candidates. And that is precisely what they are doing in Colorado’s 3rd district, home of Rep. Lauren Boebert.

Representative Boebert is an outspoken Trump ally and a strong America-first voice in the House. Naturally, that makes her a target for the Democrats. Her primary challenger, whom Democrat infiltrators have rallied behind, State Senator Don Coram, is a RINO–making him a perfect ally for the current Democrat regime. He is also a very weak candidate, having raised only a fraction of what Rep. Boebert has in his late-start bid.

Nevertheless, thousands of Democrats desperate to sabotage Rep. Boebert have changed affiliation to vote for Coram in the primary.

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This strategy has already been proven effective, as over 5,400 absentee and early votes in the Republican primary for Rep. Madison Cawthorn’s district came from previous Democrat voters, and Rep. Cawthorn lost by fewer than 1,500 votes.

Similarly, 67,000 previously registered Democrat voters in Georgia voted in the Republican Primary, where Georgia SoS Raffensperger avoided a runoff with less than 27,000 votes.

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Democrats will stoop to any level to sabotage America-first candidates. When not committing outright voter fraud (although there is no guarantee there) or suspiciously purging candidates as in Michigan, they will change party registrations to sabotage the primaries and claim that it is fair.

Imagine what Democrats would have done if Tulsi Gabbard had won the nomination in 2020 due to a large swathe of Republican voters, hypothetically, swarming the Democrat primaries.

This is what the Democrats are doing to Republican primaries today.

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