The irony of the Tweet put out on Mother’s Day by Planned Parenthood is certainly not lost on us. The cognitive dissonance of a baby killing, baby parts seller promoting motherhood is a nutty comment! 

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, on Sunday celebrated Mother’s Day with a tweet picturing two mothers holding their children.

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“Planned Parenthood is committed to building a world that values, respects, and supports safe and wanted motherhood,” a caption on the picture reads.

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Social media users were quick to point out the cognitive dissonance of an abortion provider celebrating mothers.

“Does anybody else see the irony of abortion provider Planned Parenthood wishing a Happy Mother’s Day?” Angel C tweeted.

“Appalling!” chimed in Jana Allen.

“But I guess not all unborn babies matter,” another Twitter user said. “The unborn are innocent victims murdered at PP.”

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