Obama and the Democrats can kill two birds with one stone. They can gain sympathy for Planned Parenthood, (regardless of the facts) and promote gun control all at the same time. Meanwhile, nothing will change for those “angry pro-life Christians,” who will continue to pray for the lives of innocent babies being murdered every day by Planned Parenthood, and for the lives of the innocent people who were killed in this tragedy. 

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The facts surrounding the case certainly won’t stop the fundraising machine at Planned Parenthood from cashing in on this horrible tragedy…

Police detained a shooter at a Planned Parenthood building Friday afternoon, according to Colorado Springs police.

Four police officers and five civilians were injured in a shooting.
Three people died including Police Officer Garrett Swasey.

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Scott Dontanville, co-pastor at Hope Chapel where Swasey was a church elder, said the officer had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and “trusted him so much so” that he was willing to die to protect the public.

“He may not agree with the abortion position, but he was willing to lay down his life for other people,” Dontanville said.

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Garrett Swasey, 44, a six-year veteran of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Police force, was described as an avid teacher of scripture who played guitar and loved his work in law enforcement.

According to Hope Chapel’s website, where Swasey served as an elder, he is survived by his wife, Rachel; 10-year-old son, Elijah; and 6-year-old daughter, Faith.

** Given the narrative, anti-Christian bias and blame displayed on social media after the attack, and considering Planned Parenthood is fundraising off of this tragedy, it should be noted that none of those shot on Friday in Colorado Springs were Planned Parenthood staff or patients.

The criminal shooter suffered from long term antisocial issues. Robert Lewis Dear lived in a small cabin in North Carolina with no running water or electricity. Dear bought a plot of land in Hartsel, Colorado and lived in a trailer there, per his neighbor. Via: GWP

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood officials have confirmed none of the people killed in the shooting or 9 victims who were injured were Planned Parenthood abortion clinic staff or patients and authorities have released no motive for the shooter as to whether or not he actually targeted Planned Parenthood.

As LifeNews reported, the police officer killed during Friday’s shooting at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood is pro-life and a co-pastor at his local church. Garrett Swasey, 44, the University of Colorado Colorado Springs police officer who was shot and killed while responding to the shooting and was described by his fellow church members and friends as a courageous man and loving father who drew strength and inspiration from his Christian faith.

Dear is being held without bond and will appear in court on Monday.


Robert Lewis Dear lived with a woman and two German shepherds in a dilapidated recreational vehicle with no running water, sewer or electricity.

Metal scraps litter the 57-year-old man’s 5-acre lot near the sparsely populated mountain town of Hartsel, where a few of his neighbors grow marijuana and boast solitary lifestyles.

“It looks like white-trash living at its finest — like a bomb went off and everything was thrown in the air,” said his neighbor, Zigmond Post, 45.

Those who knew Dear alternately describe him as combative or secretive, occasionally known to spout off politically. He feuded with some neighbors who called the police on him but appeared to others to just be an ordinary, easygoing man.

Dear is scheduled to appear in El Paso County Court before 4th Judicial District Chief Judge Gil Martinez in Colorado Springs on Monday morning in connection with the Friday shooting at Planned Parenthood.

He lived most of his life in the Carolinas, where he was arrested on charges of domestic violence and being a peeping Tom. He was acquitted twice of cruelty-to-animal charges and was accused of firing a pellet gun at a neighborhood dog.

His first wife, Pam Ross, called police in 1997, accusing him of locking her out of their house and shoving her to the ground. She declined to file formal charges, explaining that she wanted her report of abuse on the record.


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