What could possibly be more sick and twisted on a psychological level than to invite the leading experts in baby murder to come and speak to a school full of young kids about how awesome slaughtering the unborn is?

Clifton Middle School in Monrovia, California recently extended an invitation to Planned Parenthood to come to their “educational institution” and push their propaganda on the impressionable young students attending classes, hoping to further indoctrinate them with the progressive agenda.

According to The Daily Wire:

A middle school in Monrovia, California invited Planned Parenthood on campus for a little indoctrination session under the guise of “student health.”

The event at Clifton Middle School in Monrovia was supposed to raise mental health awareness and provide resources. Instead, students were subjected to Planned Parenthood propaganda, which left several parents outraged.

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According to LifeNews, “parents began to complain after they saw a photo of the abortion chain’s table on social media.” The school did not inform them of Planned Parenthood’s presence at the fair, according to parents.

The abortion conglomerate reportedly gave students material on “puberty, healthy relationships, birth control and STD prevention.”

School district Superintendent Dr. Katherine Thorossian has apologized in response to the backlash, claiming that those invited were not “properly vetted.”

“Parents have a right to know what information is being distributed to their children,” she said in a letter to parents. “This incident has shed light on the gap in our procedures and we will, from now on, establish and apply more stringent protocols to ensure that we properly inform our school community.”

As noted by LifeNews, Planned Parenthood lives to push its propaganda at schools. Just this past February, the abortion chain was set to give a sex education program at a North Carolina school until the board voted to rescind their invitation. A similar incident happened in 2017 at a school in Michigan.

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A report by CBS noted that several parents from North Carolina stated Planned Parenthood’s “Get Real” program helps sixth graders “feel comfortable and ready for sex.”

Does no one else see the problem with this? Sixth graders are still young children and as such, are not fully developed enough emotionally and psychologically to deal with making such an adult decision. On no planet is this program a good idea.

In reality, parents should be the ones teaching kids — at home, on their own time — about sex and the responsibilities that come with physical intimacy, but even if schools were needed in this area, the material needs to be age appropriate.

Just one more reason why the federal government should not be in charge of educating future generations of American citizens.

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