We hope you can just help with a small donation to this young vet. This story really hit me because it’s Christmastime and this young man is struggling. We will be donating!

Five thugs roaming the MetroLink in St. Louis attack a Navy vet while people do nothing…SHAME! PLEASE help this vet with a donation to his Go Fund Me Page: FUND FOR  NAVY VET MARK PAFFRATH

A brazen attack on a MetroLink train left a veteran injured. Now, St. Louis County police are searching for the five suspects who they say assaulted and robbed a man.


It happened around 11 p.m. Friday as the train approached the Delmar Loop station. Mark Paffrath, a Navy veteran and security officer, is trained to defend himself. But he say his training was no match for the ambush he encountered Friday night.

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“You got five people on me, I was helpless,” said Paffrath.

Paffrath says he was on his way home from work when the attack happened. The suspects, who police estimate are ages 17-20, put bandanas over their faces, held Paffrath down, choked and punched him, then ripped open his pocket and took what was inside.

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“Honestly I felt like I was paralyzed and couldn’t do anything, helpless,” he said.

“Nobody helped me either, that’s another struggle that I’m having to deal with.”

He ended up with a laceration to his head, a bruise on his eye, and a concussion. When the train stopped, the suspects got out and ran. They took his driver’s license, Metro card, and $70 in cash. It’s cash he earned working long, late hours to help pay his way through school.

“Here you’re working to make ends meet, then you have these low life criminals trying to make people that work miserable,” said Paffrath.




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