Like fleas to a dog in summer, Democrat presidential hopefuls have flocked to Iowa and latched on to Democrat voters, hoping that they can convince them they’re the best candidate to take on the wildly popular Donald Trump in 2020.

The out-of-touch, East Coast elitist, Elizabeth Warren may end up regretting her little chat with a local farmer, who educated Warren on the ridiculousness of the New Green Deal she supports.

During their brief conversation, the Iowa farmer explained to the fake Native American, how getting rid of their cows (their livelihood) will not save the planet. Warren, who has no clue about the fake science behind global cooling, global warming, global climate change, nods her head during the farmer’s lecture, pretending to value his opinion.


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Leftist lawmakers, like Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are attempting to shame Americans into accepting their radical” New Green Deal,” that will, without question, bankrupt our nation. From eliminating airplane travel to banning cow farts, the Democrat Party has become a laughing stock over their embarrassing attempts to control every aspect of our lives, under the banner of “global climate change.”

Americans aren’t the only ones fighting back against progressives who are attempting to strip them of their ability to use fossil fuels. One farmer in the UK had enough of the anti-energy nutjobs, took matters into his own hands—and the result was spectacular.

GET OFF my fracking land!

Flashback to 2016, when an irate farmer sprayed raw sewage at Oscar-winning star Emma Thompson and her sister Sophie after they flouted a court injunction protecting a fracking site.

The stars were filming a Great British Bake Off parody for Greenpeace when the owner of the field they trespassed on drove his muck spreader in circles around the demonstrators.

What do you think? Is the New Green Deal the Democrats best chance of controlling every aspect of American life? Do you think man-made global climate change is a real thing? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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