The woman who wants to be the next Democrat candidate for president is doing exactly what Democrats do best these days, expressing their desire to harm anyone who holds an opposing political view. Oh, we know fake indian and US Senator Elizabeth Warren was only kidding when she told a crowd that she would like to “cut the Republicans open”. After all, she’s just pandering to her base. Isn’t that how the majority of Democrats operate these days? Trash Trump…suggest violence against his supporters…then talk about how intolerant Republicans are.

In a discussion about the repeal of Obamacare, Democrat Elizabeth Warren (who is famous for lying on her application to Harvard and University of Pennsylvania about having Cherokee and Delaware Indian heritage) mocked the Republicans attempt at offering Americans a better option than the horribly failed government controlled health care that Warren voted to support.

“I hope they leave their bodies to science. I would like to cut them open,” Warren said during an event in Chicago on Saturday.

“God, what planet do they live on?” Warren asked, before sharing her wish to cut open their bodies.

Warren then told the crowd she hoped Republicans donated their bodies to science so she could “cut them open” when they died.

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Ladies and Gentlemen…Introducing the the first “Native American” presidential candidate for 2020…The future face of the Democrat Party…LOL!

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