The one is for the ladies…If you knock on a bathroom stall door and a man’s voice comes bellowing back, just leave. This tops our craziest news item of the day and gives everyone something to really think about. In recent months. the “bathroom bill” has been a contentious political topic in North Carolina. This puts a spotlight on the the “bathroom bill” laws that give men entering the women’s room a right to be there. It made it so that even if this guy was known to be a man, he could still enter that bathroom…not film her but be allowed to use a female bathroom that a male has no business even entering.

Mothers with young children might also want to think twice about waiting outside the restroom while your child is in the bathroom.

This man also works at carnivals so he travels around to different towns across the US. Chances are he’ll try this again.


Greenville, South Carolina police arrested a Texas man after he was caught videotaping a woman in bathroom stall.

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The woman entered the bathroom at a QT gas station near downtown Greenville and knocked on a stall door. She says she heard a male voice respond to her knock. She looked down to see “female shoes” so she used the next stall.

The woman was shocked to see a cell phone appear from under the next stall where the male voice was heard. She ran out of the restroom and alerted police. Two people saw the man leave the restroom and leave the QT gas station.

Police captured Hallett close to the store. He was reportedly still wearing a wig and female clothing. He also had some of the lipstick still around his lips. They searched his phone and found a video of the victim in the bathroom.

Police said Shawn Thomas Hallett, 38, was charged with voyeurism


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