“He didn’t do anything wrong. He stopped a robbery in progress and did what he had to do,” –  Sgt. Lynn Schuler of the Dekalb County, Georgia Police Department

A customer in a Family Dollar Store turned into a hero in the blink of an eye during the attempted robbery of a Family Dollar Store in Dekalb County, Georgia.

Who knows what would have happened if the quick-thinking customer who was armed hadn’t seen a robber holding a gun to a cashier’s head. The hold-up ended with the customer shooting the robber before he could harm anyone.

The Dekalb County Police reported that the “good samaritan” was seen on camera shopping in the store close to the register when he looked over and saw the robbery in progress at the cash register.

The armed man shot and killed the robber on the spot.

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According to AJC:

While an employee was handing over money, the customer shot the man, killing him.

Four or five customers were in the store at the time.

The Dekalb County Police did not charge the armed man.

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Although other customers were inside at the time, no one else was hurt when the armed man opened fire on the robber.

Sgt. Schuler of the Dekalb County Police said, “He was pointing a handgun at the face of the cashier and demanded money. I could understand why people here would call him a hero.”

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