Watch for the radical open borders activists to go full force to deliver protests and propaganda now that President Trump is deporting illegals. In fact, the deportation chaos just took an ugly turn in Washington state when an armed man was shot and killed today.

The man tried to attack a local ICE detention center armed with a rifle and incendiary devices.

The Seattle Times reported that the man appeared outside of the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma with a rifle and threw incendiary devices at both the facility and nearby propane tanks, at one point setting a vehicle on fire.
The officers called out to the man and then fired shots killing him. The four police officers were uninjured and put on administrative leave according to policy.

Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the alleged assailant of the Tacoma ICE facility, shot and killed by police, as Willem Van Spronsen, 69, of Vashon Island.  

Vashon is in Puget Sound, near Seattle and Tacoma, and accessible only by ferry. It’s known for having a small and “eclectic” population.

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Van Spronsen was accused of assaulting a police officer during a protest outside the detention center last year.

A rally had taken place a few hours earlier in front of the detention center. The protests were against mass deportations scheduled to start around the country tomorrow.

The open borders advocates are in high gear before the deportations start tomorrow. A Colorado detention center was the site of a protest where the US flag was taken down and the Mexican flag raised in its place:

What happened in Colorado on Friday is a perfect example of just how brazen the open borders activists are becoming now that President Trump has ordered the deportations of illegals.

Over one million illegals had been ordered to self-deport but have defied those orders and have remained in the US.

CBS4 reports that Aurora, Colorado protesters gathered Friday evening and marched to the local ICE detention facility and removed the U.S. flag. They replaced it with a Mexican flag.

They also spray painted “Abolish ICE” on a Blue Lives Matter flag and raised it upside down.

The protest came before ICE raids planned for Sunday in cities across America.

The protesters said they are also demonstrating against the detention of illegals.

Matt Mauro tweeted out a video: Protestors on property just pulled down the American flag and replaced it with the Mexican flag. The group by the doors is growing though most protestors are still on the street.

The U.S. flag and Colorado flag were placed on the flag poles after the crowd left.

The Mexican flag and spray painted Blue Lives Matter flag were removed.


And we thought Mexico was helping us? Think again!

The publication Excelsior (translated from Spanish to English) reports that Mexico has made a statement regarding fighting the mass deportations President Trump has announced:

Mexico is trying their best to stop the deportation of over one million illegals who have already received final deportation order!

The Mexican Foreign Secretary calls the illegals “victims” of mass deportations: 

Foreign Secretary (SRE), Marcelo Ebrard, said the government is ready to defend Mexican migrants who may be victims of the “mass deportations” announced by U.S. President Donald Trump these next few days.

In a press conference at the National Palace, recalled that over the 50 consulates located in the American Union is made available to a legal defense to each of the countrymen that requires it.

” And we already analyze all the legal means that we have, as you know there are very different rights and legal avenues to defend, in each case because they are different cases, but I could say without fear to be mistaken that we are ready and prepared to make an effective defense in the entire territory of the United States and the chancellery has the responsibility to coordinate it, so if you start giving these deportations we will be reporting every day and if necessary I will.”

If Mexico plans on fighting the US on the mass deportations, President Trump should shut down the border completely.

Another publication also reported “Try to stop deportations”

“If you start to give these deportations and, if necessary, I will go to lead the defense of our compatriots in the United States,” said the head of Foreign Affairs at the press conference in the National Palace.

 The 50 Mexican Consulates in the US are evaluating “all legal means” to protect Mexicans versus exports massive announced by President Donald Trump, reported this Monday the chancellor Marcelo Ebrard.

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