Europe continues to descend in to authoritarianism as covid restrictions lead to heavy handed enforcement measures.  In Germany, police are using rulers to enforce social distancing measures and have intimidated and harassed citizens for not having vaccine passports on them.   People have had enough and are taking to the streets to resist the covid police state.

Last month, more than 40,000 protesters marched in Vienna to protest new lockdown measures and an attempt to make the vaccine compulsory.

Thousands protested in Frankfurt last month as police used violence to break up the demonstration because some protesters were not wearing masks.

Now in London, thousands are protesting against Britain’s vaccine mandate.  Protests reportedly turned violent as demonstrators clashed with police in the streets, forcing them to retreat.  WATCH:


This Morning TV psychologist Emma Kenny tweeted: “I’m not there but watching the huge London protest! These are people from all walks of life, with one common goal, to ensure liberty remains and tyranny is brought down.

“Drs, nurses, religious groups, mums, dads, triple vaccinated and vaccine hesitant all sharing this moment.”


Other demonstrations are taking place across Europe and the world.  In Israel, police used violence to break up protests, including using water cannons and horse whips against demonstrators.  “The police brought five horses into a small area, into a crowd of regular people. A policeman whipped me as I covered my face with my hands. He also could have struck me straight in the face.” Said Roi Peleg, one of the leaders of the protest.

Thousands also took to the street in Brussels to protest covid mandates as protesters pelted police with pebbles and police used tear gas and water cannons to break up the demonstration.

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