Two drivers have been charged in a road rage incident that could have gone very badly for one 65-year-old Massachusetts man, who found himself clinging to the hood of an Infinity SUV for dear life. Stunning videos captured a 37-year-old driver who appeared to be doing everything he could, including traveling at speeds up to 70 mph on a busy highway, as he attempted to remove the senior citizen from the hood of his vehicle.

The Boston Herald reports – A legally licensed gun owner brought to an end a high-speed road rage incident that spawned a flurry of calls by terrified motorists who reported an SUV racing down the Mass Pike with a man clinging to the hood of the car, police said.

The perilous incident ended with 65-year-old Richard Kamrowski clinging to the hood of 37-year-old Mark Fitzgerald’s 2016 Infiniti QX70 for miles, smashing the windshield with a water bottle, until a third motorist state police said is a licensed gun owner drew his weapon on Fitzgerald and ordered him out of the SUV.

In the horrifying video below, the 37-year old driver of the Infinity SUV can be heard screaming at the 65-year-old victim clinging to the hood of his car, literally for dear life, “Get off my car!” 

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In this video, from an Australian news station, 65-year-old Richard Kamrowski can be seen clinging to the SUV, as the driver swerves in and out of traffic, jamming the brakes, as he tries to knock Kamrowksi off the hood of his vehicle. Kamrowski explains what happened to a Boston 10 reporter:

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Trooper Glenn Witaszek’s initial investigation indicated Fitzgerald’s Infiniti and a 2014 Ford F150 being driven by Kamrowski were involved in a minor sideswipe collision.

“Following the collision, Kamrowski stopped in the left lane, exited his vehicle, and attempted to exchange paperwork with Fitzgerald, who was still inside his vehicle,” police said. “That encounter became adversarial and at some point, Kamrowski retrieved a water bottle from the interior of Fitzgerald’s vehicle before taking a position in front of that vehicle. Fitzgerald then began driving towards Kamrowski, who subsequently jumped up on the hood of Fitzgerald’s vehicle.

“Fitzgerald then began to drive westbound with the Infiniti accelerating and stopping, with speeds reaching as high as approximately 70 mph, while Kamrowski remained on the hood of the vehicle,” police said.  “At some point, Kamrowski broke the windshield of the Infiniti by hitting it with the water bottle he had taken earlier in the encounter.  The Infiniti continued about two to three miles, while other motorists attempted to get Fitzgerald to stop.

“Motorists were finally able to stop the Infiniti, and one operator, who was a properly licensed gun owner, exited his vehicle and ordered Fitzgerald out of his vehicle at gunpoint,” police said. “Fitzgerald was then detained until troopers arrived on scene.”

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