Three days ago, The Hill reported about a toddler who was being held hostage at a hospital in the U.K. against the wishes of his parents, who were eager to transport him out of the country — at their own expense — to be cared for by medical professionals who have pledged to do everything they can to help him. Why? Because the U.K. has a socialized medical system, which means the care for patients is in the hands of the state, bureaucrats who are apparently more interested in saving money than saving lives.

Alfie and his daddy, Tom James.

This should be a wake-up call for proponents of more government intervention in the lives of Americans.

Watch, as Fox News’ Laura Ingraham explains what happened to baby Alfie, and how socialized medicine, with the help of the court system sentenced this beautiful baby to death against his parents wishes:

Today, the Gateway Pundit announced that Baby Alfie passed away this morning at 2:30 AM.

Baby Alfie and his mommy, Kate James.

Baby Alfie was taken off of life support earlier this week.
The doctors said he would die within minutes.
But he lived.
So they starved him for four days
British doctors would not allow Baby Alfie to leave their hospital to seek help in Italy.

Here’s a video that was posted by Alfie’s mommy, as she strokes his beautiful face and sings to him:

According to baby Alfie’s mother, Kate James, the article Skye News published about the parents of baby Alfie accepting the fate the government chose for him is a lie. She posted a correction to their false story on her Facebook page on Thursday:

Now, the local police department is using Facebook to threaten social media users to be careful what they post in retaliation to the hospital who allowed baby Alfie to starve to death for 4 days before he died. Yes, we did say the police department is threatening social media users to be careful what they say…

The Merseyside Police also tweeted the warning to Twitter users:


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