Here’s what Politico‘s headline today looked like:


The woman who is hated by her own people for opening up the borders to millions of unvetted  mostly Muslim male refugees is, according to Politico: ” the West’s last, best hope.” This is truly a new low, even for Politico…

Here’s what the leftist anti-American rag Politico had to say about Angela Merkel’s visit to the US to meet with our new President Donald Trump: This time the media hype surrounding a White House meeting is no wild exaggeration. When President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel finally get together on Friday, the leaders of the West’s two most powerful countries are sure to come off more like an odd couple than two close allies chewing over plans for some joint enterprise. And for good reason. Merkel and Trump are not only polar opposites as people, but they share little in terms of international outlook.

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Their styles reflect their vastly different backgrounds. Merkel, Germany’s first and only female chancellor, was raised by a pastor in communist East Germany, where she earned a doctorate in physical chemistry. Although she is the longest-serving and most powerful leader in Europe, she is unfailingly modest, competent and consensus-oriented. Trump’s all-about-me mentality, Queens upbringing and brash, tabloid-and-reality-TV personality couldn’t be more different. 

Could one even imagine the outrage if a piece like this was published about Barack Obama within his first 60 days in office? The mentality of the unhinged left is on display for every American to see and if they keep this up, even for a few more months, they will never win another election. 

Here’s how Nigel Farage, the British rock star who was behind “Brexit” feels about Merkel’s visit to the White House:

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