It’s a year too late, but the media is jumping on the Hunter Biden laptop story. There is also an ongoing federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s questionable business dealings. Will anything come of it?

Politico reporter Ben Schrekinger’s new book on the Bidens spoke about the latest on Hunter Biden:

TRANSCRIPT OF VIDEO BELOW: “In terms of the laptop, what I was able to find in the course of researching this book, is corroboration for parts of this cache of leaked files, including someone who had independent access to Hunter Biden’s emails for a time. Yes, he did receive an email from a Burisma representative thanking Hunter for the opportunity to meet his father.
And yes, he did receive an email including a proposed equity breakdown for a venture with some Chinese energy executives that included “line 10 held for h by the big guy.” Those were two of the most controversial alleged emails from last October’s leak, and I was also able to authenticate some of the other emails that didn’t make the news, but that just showed that there is at least some authentic material in this.”

Lara Trump mentioned Schreckinger’s book when she recently spoke about the China deal that Hunter and Joe were involved in:

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