Biden had a 47-year record in politics that was full of scandals, gaffes, and saying just about anything to be elected. Far from perfect and unelectable as president in two past attempts, Biden’s third try would be a charm because of two key things…voter fraud and constant cover from the media. If the media wasn’t hiding the latest gaffe from Biden, they were trashing Trump. They are to blame for the far-left agenda being rammed down taxpayer’s throats right now. This is why it’s so infuriating that reporters like the two below are laughing about how they could fool voters into thinking Biden is moderate.

The left and Biden think nothing of lying to get what they want. It’s the old saying, “the end justifies the means,” that describes leftists the best. In other words, politicians like Biden would sell out America to get what he wants.

Listen below as the Politico reporters admit while laughing that President Trump was right about Biden…not funny.

Promises made during the campaign are being met by implementing open borders, globalism, higher taxes, the Green New Deal, high gas prices, loss of jobs in the oil and gas industry, redistribution of wealth, and so much more.

If Biden was a moderate, he sold his soul to the far-left’s evil agenda to win the 2020 election and was aided by the equally evil media who hid his true agenda.

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