All of the angst and nasty behavior really comes down to the fact that the Democrats are sore losers. They are still so angry that they lost the 2016 election and continue acting out every chance they get (see the latest outburst below). They just can’t lose gracefully and their leaders aren’t helping the bad behavior but encouraging it. The Democrats are like the kids who all got a trophy for participation.

On the other hand, Republicans had to endure 8 years of a community organizer who pretended to know what he was doing…Let’s be honest, it was almost the end of America…
Anyone who doubts that should look at all that Trump has accomplished in his first 500 days:

So we’ve been putting up with the bad behavior from Democrats for over 500 days??? We can safely say that this is hurting the Dem party! Yep, Americans are not loving the Democratic Socialist Party…

A recent poll done using registered voters gave a majority approval to Trump with Democrats strongly disapproving (figures):

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The new NBC/WSJ poll finds the president’s approval rating among Republican voters at 88 percent — the highest of his presidency — and 29 percent of all voters strongly approve of his job, which is another high for Trump in the poll.


Sean Spicer is heckled by an unhinged leftist calling him a “garbage person” at a book signing…It’s what we’ve come to expect from this group.

‘The View’ host Sunni Hostin seemed to think it’s ok to scream at someone and heckle them at a book signing. THIS is your new Democrat Party and THIS is why most Americans are #WalkingAway.

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