A new poll released earlier this week shows Donald Trump ahead of Joe Biden in a state Republicans have not taken since the 1988 presidential election.

The survey conducted June 26-27 by co/efficient had Trump leading Biden in New Jersey by one point.

In the poll, Trump had 41 percent and Biden 40 percent.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and third-party candidates garnered seven percent.

13 percent of participants were undecided.

Newsweek reports:

Former President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden in New Jersey by just 1 percentage point, according to a new poll released on Thursday.

Trump and Biden became their respective party’s presumptive 2024 presidential candidates earlier this year following a string of primary victories, likely setting up a rematch of the fiercely contested 2020 election. Polls have so far shown that the results will be tight as the pair are statistically tied in most surveys or having only marginal leads.

A new poll released on Thursday conducted by co/Efficient shows Trump leading Biden in New Jersey with 41 percent versus Biden’s 40 percent, with 13 percent undecided and 7 percent supporting independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or another third party candidate. The poll, with a sample of 810 likely general election voters in New Jersey, was conducted from June 26 to 27 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.42 percent.

According to the poll, Trump is also leading in approval ratings with 45 percent and a disapproval rate of 50 percent, with 5 percent unsure. Meanwhile, Biden received 36 percent approval and a disapproval rate of 56 percent, with 8 percent unsure.

X users reacted to the poll:

Trump winning the Democrat stronghold would send shockwaves across the political world.

Perhaps Trump’s Wildwood rally in May was a preview of what to expect in New Jersey come November?

Officials estimated the rally had between 80,000 and 100,000 attendees, which one New Jersey Republican called the “largest political gathering in state history.”

New Jersey Trump Rally Expected To Have 80,000 In Attendance, Possibly Largest Political Gathering In State History

Per Just the News:

Biden is expected to be nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate in August at the Democratic National Convention, though since the debate on Thursday there are increasing calls by politicians and media organizations for him to step down as the candidate.

If that were to happen, or if someone challenged Biden at the convention, there are several scenarios that could occur, depending on the circumstances. If, for example, he waits to step down until after he is nominated at the August convention, then it would be up to the members of the Democratic National Committee to choose an alternate candidate, according to U.S. News,

The next presidential debate is scheduled to be hosted by ABC News in September.

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