According to a poll released by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research at the University of Chicago, support for Black Lives Matter “protests” has plunged from 54 percent to 39 percent in the past three months.

The poll, taken between September 11-14, included 1,108 adults in the US with a margin of error of 4%.

The poll is a huge drop by 27 points against the BLM protests by white and black voters. Strong disapproval for the BLM protests also increased by 12 percent.

It’s also interesting to note that Joe Biden’s lead with the people polled has dropped significantly.

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This poll comes just as Kamala Harris said the BLM protests are “essential” to the “evolution” in our country:

Kamala Harris spoke out on what she calls the “protests” that have been going on over the past months across America. According to Harris, the violence, deaths, looting, destruction, and anarchy are necessary for the “evolution” of America. She must have forgotten about towns, businesses, and lives that have been destroyed by organized groups of domestic terrorist BLM/Antifa thugs. It’s good to know that she endorses the $2 billion in destruction to towns across America. Vote accordingly.

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Senator Harris must have forgotten the peaceful protests of MLK that lead to change:

“It is about, I think, a community and the country speaking out understanding that nothing that we have achieved that has been about progress in this country has come without a fight. Nothing that we have achieved in our country that has been about progress, in particular, around civil rights has come without a fight…and so I always, I’m going to interpret these protests as an essential component of evolution in our country…as an essential component or mark of a real democracy and as necessary…as necessary the people’s voices must be heard.”

So Harris supports domestic terrorism…

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