Senator Jess Sessions’ tough love talk may be exactly what the dyed-in-the-wool establishment Republicans need to hear right now. The support for Trump is not going to go away, it’s only going to get stronger as we watch the violent antics of the Left who are desperate to take him down.

Americans have been witnessing un-checked corruption and outright lawlessness that has taken place at the hands of mostly Democrats in D.C. for decades. The unwillingness of the Republican leadership in Washington to stop the march of Socialism over the past eight years however, has hit us like a two-by-four between the eyes. Americans may or may not agree with everything Trump says, but one thing is for certain, we are looking for someone who has the will to fight, and that person is Donald J. Trump. Whether Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney or John McCain jump on board is of little or no consequence to the Republican voter who is 100% FED UP with the lot of them…  

Sen. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, Donald Trump’s friendly but fierce Alabama ally, has a message for Republicans still queasy about their party’s nominee: Tide’s about to roll over you.
Sessions, a 69-year-old former state attorney general who famously donned the “Make America Great Again” trucker’s cap at a massive rally in Mobile last August, thinks Trump is more a movement than a man. And this sprightly son of country preachers and teachers is on a mission to evangelize maybe-Trumpers like House Speaker Paul Ryan on the Gospel According to Donald — with a sermon on self-preservation.

“I think [Ryan] needs to recognize, on some of these issues, Trump is where the Republicans are and if you’re going to be a Republican leader you should be supportive of that,” Sessions told me during a taping of POLITICO’s “Off Message” podcast in his Senate office last week.

“My advice is to listen and accept the will of the American people, the Republican voters — the Republican Party is the Republican voters,” he added — a pointed reference to Ryan’s suggestion that he, and not the presumptive party nominee, represents authentic conservative values. “Give me a break! A lot of our drift within our party has gotten away from [the will of the voters]. … I think the leaders in all parties tend to adjust to reality. They just have to or they won’t remain in office. … Already many are sensing it.”

Via: Politico


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