Strawberry Shortcake is, to many, a beloved childhood character who went on adventures with her sidekick dog Pupcake and her friends Angel Cake, Orange Blossom, Apple Dumpling, and more. Now, she appears on a children’s TV show alongside a “transberry” named Banoffee, indoctrinating America’s youth into the LGBTQXYZ cult.

Originally created in 1972, the character of Strawberry Shortcake first appeared on a Laurel Valentine’s Day greeting card. In 1979, the character and her berry-themed friends were marketed to young girls with dolls, sticker albums, a video game, and more. Soon, the beloved character was brought to television with multiple animated specials that aired throughout the 80s.

In 2002, the franchise was revamped, this time with a hit television series and updated merchandise to appeal to a new generation of preschool-aged children.

In 2021, Strawberry Shortcake was revamped again, but not for the better. The show features a transgender character, or “transberry,” named Banoffee because, for some reason, preschoolers need to understand the concept of transgenderism.

Strawberry Shortcake transgender character Banoffee

In the episode, Strawberry Shortcake helps design a trans-themed dress for Banoffee to attend the “Mint Gala”.

At the gala, Banoffee proclaims, “As a transberry, I love living out loud as my most authentic self. And I wanted to dress as bold and unique as I am.”

Banoffee in a trans-themed dress

The character Banoffee was voiced by Felicia Grayson (aka Felicia Bonée), a transgender drag queen.

Felicia Grayson

Grayson posts a lot of anti-“cis” and anti-religion content on her Twitter page, criticizing women who are straight biological females and complaining about not being treated specially for identifying as trans.

Clearly, she thinks it is okay to generalize groups of people who do not identify the same way she does.

One of Grayson’s retweeted posts says, “Full offence [sic] to my cis friends but if I have to go to your baby showers, engagement parties, gender reveals, christenings and weddings and buy you gifts, you can buy me flowers and gifts for important milestones in my transition.”

Another tweet that Grayson reposted slams Christianity as a “massive money laundering scheme and a front for a pedophile ring.”

Grayson also retweeted a post that insists “transphobia will always be rooted in racism and white supremacy.”

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