Assimilating into a society is something Muslims haven’t had much success at. Look at the UK where the Muslim community has segregated itself away from the population. It is a fact that when Muslim “refugees” come to America they move to another state where a large population of Muslims live. They might locate to Iowa but then move to Detroit where there’s a huge Muslim community. Here we have the Danes being very proactive in an attempt to keep their traditions and culture by making it mandatory to have port available on menus. It’s a way of saying “When in Rome…” to the Muslims so they might understand (probably not) that THEY are the ones who need to accommodate to Danish life.

As more and more Danish institutions are banning pork from their menus out of respect for a growing Muslim population, the city of Randers has done the complete opposite by making it a mandatory menu item.

Randers’ city council passed the new law in a narrow 16-15 vote Monday. City officials voting in favor of the proposal said it is a necessary move to secure an important piece of Danish food culture.

The Danish People’s Party, which runs an anti-immigration agenda, hopes Randers’ initiative will encourage more communities to pass similar laws.

“The DPP is working nationally and locally for Danish culture, including Danish food culture, and consequently we also fight against Islamic rules and misguided considerations dictating what Danish children eat,” DPP spokesman Martin Henriksen wrote on Facebook.

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