While the liberal media continues to portray the far-left narrative that violence in Portland, Oregon has “calmed” since federal officers retreated, many rioters have shifted their focus this week to attacking local law enforcement and their buildings instead. According to a statement released by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), groups of rioters moved across the Willamette River in Portland where they “assaulted officers with hard projectiles, a tactic previously employed against federal personnel” as well as an “unknown alkaline substance.”

Local news reports also indicate that police declared an official riot on Wednesday when “demonstrators broke into the Portland Police Association building and started a fire.”While the Portland Police publicly called for the ceasing of rioting and destruction, many did not listen and continued “vandalizing the PPA building with graffiti and others attempted to pull the plywood off of the doors and windows.”

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“PPB is here on loudspeaker saying people are trying to break into and damage the police association building. ‘Stop trying to break in or vandalize the Portland Police Association now’,” one reporter tweeted.

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A fight involving at least 20 people also broke out and shots rang out multiple times in different locations, according to local reports. No one was injured from the gunfire. After the riots began to dissipate, officers reported “several arrests” and told local news that “some crowd control munitions were used overnight, but…no tear gas was deployed.”

Watch the ANTIFA rioters take over the streets:

While violence against local and state agencies ran rampant earlier this week, DHS reports that “no significant activity was directed at federal facilities and personnel.”

“While violent criminal activity persists elsewhere in Portland, Monday night marked the second straight night during which rioters did not attack federal property or officers,” the statement read. 

According to the statement, the DHS called this a “drastic and welcome change.”

“There were no reported DHS arrests, injuries to DHS officers, or damage to federal property,” the statement continued.

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