The left keeps showing their ugliest hand to American voters…and it’s backfiring on them…big-time!

#WalkAway is about to become #RunAway

Last year, former comedian Kathy Griffin thought Americans would find her to be “funny” as she held a bloodied and decapitated head of President Trump up for the cameras to capture.

She immediately lost her career.

When it was clear that not a single American cared what Kathy Griffin had to say, she aligned herself with the Democrat Party’s new poster-girl for civility, porn-star Stormy Daniels Trump.

Once popular movie producer, Rob Reiner (Meathead on “All In The Family”) spends most of his free time trashing President Trump.

His new movie “Shock and Awe” that glorifies journalists, just took a nasty nose dive at the box office, bringing in only $41,000 in its opening weekend. Reiner has now produced 6 flops in a row.

One Grand Gallery, an art gallery in Portland, OR has joined the hate-filled left with a vile image of President Trump’s neck being slit by what appears to be a man’s hand, covering the front window of their gallery. Accompanying the gruesome image, are the words, “FUCK TRUMP”.

What a great scene for children walking by. This, apparently, is how the left is teaching our youth by example, how to be tolerant of others who don’t agree with you.


The people who believe these images are okay to place on a public street for everyone to see, are the same people who tell you what words you can or cannot say and demand that you use 127 different gender pronouns, so as not to offend anyone who identifies as a 3-year-old house cat with bipolar disease who identifies as a male.

The Portland art gallery’s Facebook page isn’t much better.

This post is getting slammed on Facebook for their decision to promote their gallery with this disgusting image.

Leslie Rowe responded to this disgusting excuse for “art” telling the gallery: This is NOT art, but HATE imitating art. Shame on you!!!

Another Facebook user responded by telling the gallery how they’re actions are backfiring. She explains to them how they are the reason so many Americans are choosing to #WalkAway from the Democrat Party and support President Trump:  And a great example of why people are choosing to walk away from the Democratic Party! Can’t run on anything except violence and hate. This is why Trump won and why he will win again.

This user posted a hilarious image in the comment section: Make Democrats Cry Again 2020

Is it any wonder that the former Democrat and gay, NYC hairdresser, Brandon Straka’s #WalkAway from the Democrats campaign has exploded on social media?




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