In a state where 52% of the population when for Crooked Hillary, (but not by a wide margin), it’s hard to imagine so many disaffected, violent people showed up to protest. Now that the police are calling this “protest” a “riot,” will they be able to keep Soros’ buses out of the Portland area?

Here’s what the election map for Crooked Hillary vs. Trump in Oregon looked:


Police in Portland, Oregon, are now classifying the anti-Trump protests there as a “riot” due to “extensive criminal and dangerous behavior,” according to a tweet on the police department’s Twitter page.
“Crowd has been advised,” the tweet added.
Police tweeted that projectiles had been thrown at officers, and cars had been damaged. –CNN
Portland Police have now upgraded Soros funded anti-Trump protests to “riots”:

Police are now (accurately) calling protesters “anarchists.” 

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Finally….police are not saying the woman who was hit by a car and killed was part of the anti-Trump protests, but the accident did happen near area of protests according to Twitter users.

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