Obama’s rioters continue the organized anarchy in the streets on the second night following the election. Riots, arson, property damage and looting continue via Clinton/Obama supporters.

Obama runs a big risk of forcing Trump’s hand if he doesn’t speak up against this chaos and violence. We know Obama’s been a puppet of globalist George Soros who’s paying for and backing this violence. Obama will be forced to make a choice between Soros and his legacy. This violence is on Obama because of his silence for the past two days. His silence speaks volumes and it’s getting to the point of destroying any and all of his last days in office…not to mention what’s left of the Democrat party. The over-the-top destruction and hate makes the Democrats look like a bunch of violent crybabies. There’s one image I came across yesterday that really says it all about these people: The grapes have never been so sour…



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