Overnight, Portland shooting suspect Michael Reinoehl was killed by US Marshals in a gun battle. According to his estranged sister, April Reinoehl,  it was “just a matter of time” before he was killed.

After a failed snowboarding career and mounting debt, the 48-year old latched on to Antifa, often working as security. He had been estranged from his family after being caught stealing medicine from his mother who has dementia. He was described by his sister as abusive to their mother, and she said, “I would describe him as a jerk, verbally cruel sometimes when he’s not getting his way.”

April Reinoehl told the Daily Mail that she was both “relieved and also disappointed” by her brother’s death on Thursday night:

“I wouldn’t say at this point that this counts as bad news. It’s just more news. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be the police…”

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She said she expects that her brother’s death will cause more violence:

“Now we’ve got two martyrs. That’s how the two opposing sides are going to want to spin it. Hatred begets hatred. Anybody who saw him, in their eyes, standing up for the plight of the black people, being killed by a police officer, this is going to validate their feelings in their minds of all the anger that they have…whether or not it’s correct or righteous.”

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Photos below of Michael Reinoehl with the identifying tattoo on his neck and the bloody bandage on his arm.

April Reinoehl said her brother was “impulsive” and that he let his  “worst emotions guide his actions.”

“So I’m not surprised he got himself killed. I’m surprised a police officer did it. I’m relieved and also disappointed by that.”

April explained, “At least it wasn’t vigilante justice that got him, because I think that would actually be worse. It would feed the violence a lot more.”

Our previous report about the Portland shooter Michael Reinoehl:

U.S. Marshals Service Pacific Northwest Violent Offender Task Force released a statement confirming that Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, was killed on Thursday night during an attempted arrest.

Witnesses say the Antifa shooter was armed with a semi-automatic rifle when he engaged in a firefight with four officers in Lacey, Washington. The Antifa supporters of Reinoehl are calling this attempted arrest an execution.

A graphic video below of law enforcement administering CPR to the suspect is below.

Law enforcement was trying to arrest Reinoehl for the fatal shooting of Aaron J. Danielson (pictured below) in Portland on August 29th.

Statement from US Marshals:

Our previous report on the shooting in Portland on August 29th:

Three shots rang out on the streets of Portland yesterday. When the police arrived on the scene, there was a man lying on the ground shot in the chest. Just minutes later, EMTs arrive on the scene, checked the victim’s vitals, and pronounce him dead. The victim was wearing clothes that supporting the President and the law enforcement community. So far, the victim’s identity has not been released. There were multiple bystanders who caught the tragedy on video.

***WARNING****Videos shows shooting and are graphic!



Here is another perspective of the shooting:


The video below depicts ANTIFA thugs celebrating the execution of the Trump supporter.**WARNING****Video Contains Strong Language!



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