Play stupid games…win stupid prizes! Atlanta Democratic Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, a potential black running mate to Biden, said Monday she has tested positive for the coronavirus….just days after marching with thousands of radical BLM protesters.

Bottoms’ announcement went viral via Twitter. She has recently gained the media’s attention in recent weeks for her stances on the coronavirus pandemic and the nationwide riots and BLM movement, both of which have had major impacts on Atlanta.

Neither the Atlanta mayor’s office nor the Biden campaign have responded to CNBC’s requests for comment on Bottoms’ tweet.

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As a potential Democratic running mate, the black Mayor made an attempt to sympathize and support the ongoing BLM protests by recently marching with thousands of radicals…then hypocritically accused Republican Governor Brian Kemp of rushing the process of lifting the strict social distancing measures put in place, according to CNBC.

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“I may not have the legal authority to override the state,” she had written in The Atlantic. “I do have the right to use my voice to encourage people to exercise common sense, listen to the science, follow guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and stay home, if at all possible.”

So according to the potential Democratic running mate, it must be common sense to march with thousands of people in support of a radical cause?! And to “stay home, if at all possible” must not apply to politically-motivated protests?

Political betting outlets have since put Bottoms near the top of the running to become the VP pick for Biden. Biden is expected to announce his selection by early August.

Bottoms is not the first politician to be diagnosed with Covid-19. To date, more than half a dozen members of Congress have tested positive for the disease, and most lawmakers have taken preventive steps to protect themselves and others from catching it.

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