This is fantastic! President Trump met with all of the NCAA championship teams at the White House last week. It was all fun and games until this amazing moment happened… He didn’t expect it but he was asked to pray with the Oklahoma Sooners team. Watch as President Trump doesn’t hesitate to join in to pray. It’s a very touching moment where you can see the player praying with the president and her team. The extended video below this one shows more of the moment the president prayed with the team – you can hear some of what was said at the 14:45 point.

More video from the event qnd the moment of interaction and then prayer with the softball team at 14:45: Watch how personable and really warm President Trump is with the crowd.

This is so heartwarming!

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FYI:Oklahoma softball will go for its third-consecutive national title in 2018 with most of its roster back from last season. The team gave POTUS a special glove:

President Trump met with the teams listed below:

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