A former Muslim and Donald Trump supporter who fled Islam-controlled Kuwait years ago has a warning for Americans this election cycle.

Sarah, an ex-Muslim who bravely denounced Islam at a Milo Yiannopoulos speech, said she would absolutely hate it if America started to embrace Islamic culture, the exact culture which led her to flee her native country.

She suggested that if American women want to support this oppressive lifestyle, they should go there to experience it. In a nutshell, she’s saying, ‘don’t bring it here’…she came here to escape the intolerance and submissive lifestyle. 

“They [western feminists]show me they really don’t care about me by welcoming my attackers into the place that I now call home.'”

***Language warning***

“I found home in America and I would really hate it if the values that made me find America as my home would be destroyed, so I’m with the Trump campaign, I’m with the Republican campaign.”

“Keep people out of America that would change America for what we love it for and Milo is just another part of that which is why I support him,” Sarah said.

Sarah said she fled Kuwait after her “very Muslim husband” told her that getting a college degree would do nothing for her because she is a woman.

“If you want to learn about something, go and learn about it,” Sarah said of Americans who are embracing Islam. “You’re more than welcome. Become a hostage in Saudi Arabia. Maybe that’ll teach you something.” Via: American Lookout


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