The LAPD Police Chief and black rapper The Game have joined forces in an effort to end shootings and violence in L.A. After a chance meeting, the two men are making an effort to promote a united Los Angeles. Black Lives Matter Activists aren’t on board with any effort at peace with the police department. They just want to keep things stirred up. No matter what comes of this video, it’s a start to something and better than what the BLM thugs have done. Check the video out below:
They are strange bedfellows. Game has become an instant leader in the black community, which is a radical departure from his past gang affiliations.
Game and Beck first met a few weeks ago, when the rapper and Snoop protested police brutality in front of LAPD headquarters, and had a chance meeting with the chief.
And the video is sure to ruffle some feathers … some members of the Black Lives Matter movement in L.A. are demanding Beck’s resignation.

Via: tmz

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