Last night, Russia launched a full scale invasion of Ukraine.  Hundreds may already be dead according to some firsthand accounts of the conflict.  Widespread fighting has broken out as Russians allegedly have invaded from virtually every direction.

While Ukraine’s military has won a few small victories, such as holding the Russians off at two different airports that they were attempting to take to bring in more troops, the situation looks dire overall.

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According to President Zelensky and US Security Officials, Ukraine’s capital of Kiev could fall within 96 hours as Russian forces have already entered the capital and are beginning to encircle it on all sides.  President Zelensky warned that the invasion could bring down a new ‘Iron Curtain’ in Europe if it is succesful.

In a situation that seems hopeless for Ukrainians across the country, a powerful video was released this week that showed Ukrainian citizens in a Kiev Metro station holding worship shortly before Russians began their invasion.  WATCH:


Religious leaders in Ukraine have stepped up to protect their community and provide essential services in the face of the invasion.  A top rabbi in Kiev opened up his synagogue to community members to provide them with food and shelter as Russian troops began invading the city today.

Ukrainian officials expect Friday to be the ‘worst day’ of the Russian invasion yet, with airstrikes and landings expected to intensify as they attempt to encircle the Ukrainian capital and apply further pressure to force a surrender or oust the Ukrainian government.


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