Only two weeks ago, 26-year-old Louisville Metro Police Officer Nicholas Wilt was graduating from the police academy.

Tonight, he is clinging to his life after a “suicidal” employee of Old National Bank in Louisville opened fire on employees of the bank in a first-floor conference room inside the downtown bank.

The 26-year-old Louisville Metro Police Officer,  Nicholas Wilt, is a true hero and did what most people could never imagine having the courage to do; he ran toward the shooter, and sadly, he was shot in the head.

The sick individual, intent on taking other people down with him, was live-streaming the violent scene as he murdered four fellow bank employees and wounded eight more.

In her most recent press conference, Police Chief Gwinn-Villaroel named the victims of the suicidal bank employee. “We have five total deceased, which includes him, but I want to acknowledge with heartfelt condolences and prayers to the family of those who lost their life today: Tommy Elliot, 63 years of age; Jim Tutt, 64 years of age; Josh Barrick, 40 years of age, and Juliana Farmer 57. All four victims of the “suicidal” 23-year-old are pictured below.

Josh Barrick, 40; Tommy Elliot, 63; Juliana Farmer, 57; and Jim Tutt, 64 years of age.

Only 3 minutes after the suicidal bank employee opened fire on the people inside the bank, Louisville Metro Police Officers arrived on the scene.

An emotional conversation can be heard on the police scanner by a police officer begging for an ambulance for Officer Wilt as he reveals that Office Wilt has been shot in the head. Earlier in the conversation, a police officer can be heard saying that Officer Nicholas Wilt is lying on the steps outside of the bank as police scramble to navigate the situation with the shooter inside behind a window where they cannot see him.

Listen to the incredible calm, courage, and bravery as the police dispatcher, SWAT team, and Louisville Metro Police Department officers work together to get Officer Wilt to the hospital and safely breach the bank to help the innocent victims inside.

The killer left a note for his parents and a voicemail for a friend last night, telling him his plans to “shoot up the bank.”

Prayers are going up for Officer Wilt from around the nation. Please join us in praying for a full recovery for Officer Wilt and for the other hospitalized victims of the suicidal 23-year-old Connor Sturgeon, who cowardly stole the lives of innocent men and women, likely as a way to get himself shot and killed.


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